Monday, May 28, 2007

I Gong Myself for Last Week, so Here's a New Menu

I did horrible at sticking to the menu last week. Let's see... I think we had only one meal on the menu for the night it was planned. We had spaghetti a different night and sandwiches earlier in the week instead of this weekend. And we did eat a lot of leftovers. Well, it was hot and we were busy, so there, those are my excuses. We'll shift a couple of those menu items over to this week.

So let's try this again... 5/28- 6/3
Monday: Pizza
Tuesday: Lasagna Rolls
Wednesday:Cheesy Tuna Noodle
Thursday:Shrimp and Steak (Happy Anniversary!)
Friday: Out to celebrate
Saturday:Chicken Pot Pie
Sunday: Pot Roast

Some of these may be changed as I need to go through the freezer and start using up our frozen foods before we move.

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