Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Steak, Steak and More Steak

I am so full.
Ryan grilled some steaks tonight, along with some asparagus and we had some nice fresh french bread and I am STUFFED! There's nothing better than a great steak.
Except maybe if kids actually eat it! Which one of mine did tonight!!! Savannah asked for seconds even, which is amazing. She ate all of (two helpings) her steak, all her asparagus, all of her apple slices and two pieces of bread. She even got chocolate pudding for dessert since she managed to finish a whole plate today!
Sawyer had a beef frank and some of his veggie sticks.

Yesterday I never got around to the lasagna rolls. It was definitely a lazy day. I whipped up a skillet instead, with eggs and ham and cheese along with some hashbrowns and toast. Savannah ate pretty well, but Sawyer wanted nothing to do with it.

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