Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Buenos Tacos

Well, we thought they were good anyway. The kids... that's a different story. I made Savannah a simple cheese quesadilla (and made the mistake of trying to sneak a bit of taco meat in there) instead because I knew she wouldn't even come near a real Soft Taco. She about gagged with every bite she took once she realized there was "spicy" meat in there. Gave Sawyer a hard taco and he dumped out the contents and ate most of the shell. To their credit they both ate a quite a bit of lettuce (ultimately smothered in ranch... I don't believe ranch goes with tacos.) and had a fruit cup. Oh well, at least Ryan and I enjoyed a couple of tacos each along with some broiled tomatoes. Man I love baked tomatoes!!

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Kristyn said...

Heather, I read your blog through Nicole's(we went to college together) I truly enjoy reading your Gong Show, because with a 4 and a half year old myself I have gotten some great ideas. Keep them coming PLEASE they make dinner at my house easier sometimes. Thanks, Kristyn