Tuesday, March 12, 2013

order please

I've been dreading and complaining and dreading and putting off and dreading dinner and meal plans and the and all thats involved for while here.  It's just not fun when the kids are still picky (picky-er even) and never like what you make, even when it's something you know they like.
My seven year old is at pretty much the peak of dinnertime drama right now.  Yuk.
He would like to be served pizza and mac&cheese every night please and thank you.

My new approach the last couple of weeks has worked out well.  And this way I get a good one or two good nights out of the difficult dinner kiddo.

I ask everyone for one meal they would like to "order" for each week.

If we all pick a meal, that means four nights are taken care of and I only have to figure out one more, do leftovers, or we eat on the go somewhere.  I typically only plan for the weekdays, since our weekends are kind of all over the place, sometimes having guests, sometimes going out, sometimes eating elsewhere.

The week before last we had Chipped Beef on Toast (per SJ), tacos (per the dad), pizza (homemade and healthy)(Sawyer's choice, obviously) and a new sausage stew cornbread casserole (picked by me). 

Last week we did fish (SJ), homemade mad&cheese (Sawyer)(even though he didn't eat it), meatloaf (Ryan), and a new chicken dish (for me).

This week Savannah slotted in Chicken Pot Pie, Ryan requested spaghetti, Sawyer asked for Brinner and again I'm trying a new chicken thing. (I'm realizing my meals may always be newbies)

I'm liking this plan because I don't have to come up with ideas for the whole week, and everyone gets a little imput.
Although Sawyer's apparently at the end of his pizza/mac&cheese rotation so we'll have to see what he comes up with next. ;)

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Mom said...

Sorry I missed this earlier...but I like your idea.I SO need to sit down and find some new recipes. Tell us about the chicken ones you have treied and liked! XOXOX