Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Salmon Tuesday

Ryan was at work a little late tonight, so I fed the kids leftovers and he and I had a "grown up" dinner by ourselves after they were in bed.
Normally I stick to my all-time favorite baked salmon (YUM!), but since we just cooked that up last week with my parents in town, I was ready to try something different with the couple of salmon filets we had left.

Kim left me a recipe that sounds oh-so-good (thanks Kim! I love getting ideas from everyone!!), but since I didn't make a big grocery trip this week and I didn't happen to have the herbs or parmesan or white whine, I thought I'd save that for another time.

What I did have on hand was an unopened bottle of Trader Joe's Lemon Dill Sauce, so I poured a little of that over the salmon and let it soak in before grilling... and it was sooo yummy! I don't know why I was so (pleasantly) surprised... Trader Joe's has seldom disappointed... but I was honestly savoring every bite of that fish. I'm going to stock up on that sauce! It'd be awesome on a salad with a little tuna or salmon in it too. Tonight we enjoyed a nice salad on the side of our Lemony Dilly Grilled Salmon, and with a nice cool beverage (Captain's and diet Coke, thankyouverymuch), it was the perfect spring/summertime meal. Too bad it was already cold and dark out by the time we enjoyed it!!

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