Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hI have been meal planning, I promise.
With houseguest after houseguest you kind of have to.
All this past summer we had our days full of friends and family visiting, with a short reprieve in October and now we're back on the bed and breakfast track again for this month.
And these few visitors lately even come with special dietary needs.... ;)

Ryan's mom and stepdad were here for ten days over Halloween and Sawyer's birthday. Ryan's mom is newly allergic to gluten so we had a gluten free menu for their stay. Turns out lots of my regular recipes are gluten free and it wasn't as hard as I'd imagined it... just a lot of label reading!
We served:
Spaghetti Chicken w/ rice and green beans
Cheesy Tilapia w/ asparagus and roasted potatoes
Italian Roast Wraps (w/ corn tortillas) and salad
Maple Jack Pork Chops w/ mashed potatoes and a mandarin raspberry spinach salad
Chicken Salsa Soup w/ tortilla chips
AND we found Five Guys is completely gluten-free if you avoid their hamburger buns, Mellow Mushroom makes a yummy gluten-free pizza and Chik-fil-a has plenty of gluten-free options plus their waffle fries are safe, so we were good to go at some of our favorite local restaurants!!

We have friends coming this weekend for a few days who need egg free meals. Some ideas of what's on tap for them are Summer Sausage, cheese and crackers (Club are egg-free), eggless pancakes, pumpkin donuts (yogurt subbed for egg), Chicken Crescent Squares

And then finally my parents and one of my sisters are coming for the week of Thanksgiving. My sister doesn't eat meat. Which isn't a huge deal... I can still serve meat, I just need to be sure my side dishes in that case are substantial enough without it. But here are some of our meatless favorites:
Pasta alla Vodka
Winter Vegetable Pot Pie
Tilapia w/ veggies
Crunchy Yogurt Tilapia
Mac and Cheese
Salmon Patties
Curried Butternut Soup
and but of course a big Turkey Thanksgiving Dinner!

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K.M.L said...

Love the new blog look :)
Can you link up to some of the egg free recipes too?...pretty please? OR are they on your sidebar already? I didn't look! :)
Thanks friend!